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We offer development and production services for communication projects in the field of education. Our projects include didactic, paradidactic and literary works. We have solid experience accumulated over 30 years of experience in the national and international market, in the areas of instructional design, art editing, graphic design and management of multidisciplinary teams focused on the creation and production of content educativos. Our services cover:

- Creating and editing text

- Preparation and review

- Audio production

- Translation


- editorial project

- Graphic project

- Iconography

- Illustration

- Infographics

- Project evaluation

- Organization of processes

- web design


Marcello Araujo is an instructional designer,
art editor and illustrator.

He graduated in architecture from UFRJ, he holds a master's degree in Visual Communication from the Pratt Institute, NY, where he taught. He was art director at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. After returning to Brazil, he worked as an art editor at Editora Ática, from the Abril Educação group. Six years later, he opened his studio, A+ Comunicação, serving publishers, non-governmental organisations and authors who wish to produce their books independently. Marcello is also a lecturer in editorial training and reading incentive projects.

In addition to graphic design work, Marcello is also the author of text and illustration for several children's books, most of which have been adopted by literary programs in schools and libraries.
To know this work, click here.

Didier Moraes is an instructional designer,
art editor and author of books and articles
on the history of editorial design. 

Graduated in architecture from USP, he has a master's degree in education and a doctorate in design from the same university. For eighteen years, as design supervisor at Abril Educação (Ática and Scipione publishers), he coordinated the design and development of graphic projects for didactic collections
Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary Education. In 2012 and 2015, he taught as a guest professor in the publishing course at the USP School of Communication and Arts.
In 2018, he received the Jabuti Award in the Essays/Creative Economy category with a work on textbook cover design.



- SAS education system

- SESI Editora

- Modern Publisher

- SmartLab

- Pearson

- Integra UK


- Cambridge University Press UK/NY/BR

- WMF Martins Fontes

- Publisher of Senac

- ACTC The House of the Heart

- Ethics Company

- Ediouro

- Attica and Scipione Publishers
 (We are Education)

- Editora Vida a Três

- Arawatercolor Educational Games

- Barsa Planeta

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