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We provide a full range of editorial services from project development to final production. Our focus is primarily on educational materials
but our portfolio also includes, fiction, non-fiction publications and marketing materials. We have a large experience in publishing for more than 30 years and during this period we have been working
with Brazilian and International publishing companies in the areas of instructional design, art direction, and graphic design. We are able
to set and manage multi-disciplinary teams to develop and produce educational contents.


- Editorial project
- Graphic design
- Image research
- Illustration

- Text writing

- Proofreading
- Audio production
- Text translation


- Infography

- Project evaluation
- Work flow design
- Web design



Marcello Araujo is an instructional designer, art director and illustrator.
He has a BA in Architecture and a MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, NY where he lectured as a visiting instructor after his graduation. Marcello was an art director at The Brooklyn Children Museum in New York until his return to Brazil when he joined Editora Ática, a major Brazilian schoolbook publisher, as an art editor.
In 2001 he started his own company, A+com.

Didier Moraes is an instructional designer, art editor and author of many books and articles about the publishing history in Brazil. 
Didier worked as the manager of the Art Department for almost two decades at Grupo Abril Educação, one of the largest educational publishing groups in Brazil. At Grupo Abril, he was in charge of assessing the design of the Editorial Department catalogue as well as responsible for supervising a team of designers and art editors. He has a BA in Architecture, a ME in Education and a PHd in Graphic Design from USP,  the São Paulo State University where he lectured from 2012 to 2015 as a visiting instructor.



- SESI Editora

- Editora Moderna

- SmartLab

- Pearson

- Integra UK


- Cambridge University Press

- WMF Martins Fontes

- Editora do Senac

- ACTC A Casa do Coração

- Cia de Ética

- Ediouro

- Editoras Ática e Scipione
   (Somos Educação)

- Editora Vida a Três

- Araquarela Jogos Educativos

- Brasa Planeta

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